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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sony announces the NEX-VG10 E-mount HD camcorder

this is a big deal: Sony now announced their first interchangable lens full HD camcorder for the E-mount. What exactly is so great about it?



in short:

a) the camera has a huge APS-C sized sensor. Hence you get much shallower depth-of-field compared to normal camcorders.

b) the camera takes all kinds of Sony E-mount lenses, and even all Sony/Minolta A-mount can be used via an adapter. This opens up great creative possibilites.

c) the camera can also take photos. And not just low quality, but actually stunning DSLR-quality shots at 14 MP resolution.

In my view the only negative about the camera: It does not allow RAW format capture of neither photos nor video. Not a huge issue, but at least RAW still capture would have been nice for post-processing.

The camera will cost ~2000 USD.



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