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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Download a screensaver that displays photos from !

You can now download a screensaver that will allow you to display photos from The photos are displayed as a nice slideshow and you can customize what photos will be shown. Here is how you get such a screensaver:

for Windows computers:

- download the following google screensaver file:

- place the file in your “Windows” directory (e.g. C:/Windows/)

- now navigate to where windows allows you to choose your screensaver (e.g. click START and type “screensaver”, choose “change screensaver”)

- select the Google Photo Screensaver and click on “Settings”

- select it to display photos from public sites and click the “configure” button.

- Our website streams photos as Atom Feeds. To display our favorite photos add the following photo location/feed:

That’s it. You are done and have a great screensaver. FYI: In addition you can also display photos from your own harddrive or any other “Photo Atom feeds”. Links to such feeds can be found at any of our photo galleries by clicking the “Share” button.

for Macs:

I am not a Mac user, but from what I know you don’t need to install the above google screensaver but can directly tell your computer to use photo feeds from our site, e.g.

Enjoy !

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